About Company

WebCodin is a web development sub-division of Riff Point LLC providing complex Custom & CMS based solutions. Focusing on the best performance of work, we deliver great web apps to our clients and achieve their business goals.

We have accumulated many years of development and customer service experience under our belt and we always use the latest technologies. We carefully study requirements of our every client and efficiently react to the assigned tasks. Our projects are developed by the best programmers and designers – real aces in their field. Each project is managed by an experienced project manager who will effectively сreate a software specification, estimate time and risks, consider all the fashion trends and the most up-to-date hi-tech. By communicating directly with customers we reduce time frame, collect all the necessary information and instantly set objectives for short and long term projects.

WebCodin team is complemented with Team Leads and QA Engineers. Regular code reviews, functionality and usability tests are essential parts of every project development stage that we produce. Our code is written and commented in accordance with standards and is easily amenable for further expansion and support. We also carefully and thoroughly analyze the market and carry out wide research to always appear one step ahead so that all of our projects are simply doomed to success.

WebCodin practices knowledge and experience exchange among our staff. We have basic rules on how to act in different situations described in graphic solutions, project documentation, software development and quality assurance cases.

Why Web Solutions?

More than 80% of global information exchange is carried via the Internet. Today any business or organization simply must have a website or a resource online to represent themselves. Obviously lots of them exist only by virtue of the Internet.

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    Great Advertising

    Web solutions that we offer will not only increase recognizability of your business, but also open up new development horizons and win new customers. We know the value of customer trust so we will bring it to your business as well.
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    You're Open 24/7

    The Internet does not have a working schedule or any days off so this allows your business to be accessible for your customers and visitors at any time of the day. Our web solutions allows you to always stay in touch and not miss a single contact.
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    Time Is Money

    Our professional approach to development processes of web solutions enables us to rationally use the time and material resources. This inevitably leads to a 100% quality product that saves you both time and money.

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What We Propose

WebCodin development team delivers excellent Custom & CMS based web applications. Our solutions are provided through a full cycle of product development from an idea to support by embodying your business concepts into reality.

  • Bespoke Team

    We engage only seasoned IT pros with relevant experience for project implementation. So we build a team that is aimed at strictly professional custom tasks performance.
  • Unique Solutions

    We provide effective custom business presence solutions to build trust for your organization. We accurately meet customers’ requirements that will make your clients choose to do business with you.
  • Visible Progress

    Each crucial stage of the project development moves us and our customers toward the ultimate goal. We encourage our clients to stay closely in touch with the development team so that they can monitor the entire process turning into a product.
  • Expected Results

    Expected results are just the bare minimum you get working with our team. We always strive to achieve best possible results in our work, because we respect the ideas of our clients and take an actual responsibility for their implementation.

Our Expertise

Our team contains multiple web applications specialists and designers, front-end and back-end developers who regularly deal with new and innovative web development solutions. We can both build a web app from scratch or hand over the existing project.

  • Custom Solutions

    Demonstrating strong quality control, speed performance, load optimization and high level of security we can implement complex solutions based on various MVC frameworks such as Zend Framework 2, Symfony 2, CodeIgniter and others.
  • CMS/CMF Solutions

    We offer top quality web applications development services using various content management systems and frameworks. Our teams of WordPress and Drupal developers deliver integrated solutions including custom themes, plugins and modules.
  • UI/UX Suggestions

    WebCodin designers create high-class user interfaces and offer custom user experience options. We always monitor common trends on the market and consider customer requirements so that the final product reflects the latest demands.

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Our Development Equipment

We develop truly digital products using multiple technologies including the most popular Frameworks and CMS/CMF on the web development market. Our development equipment covers every need from simple websites and stores to high-load/big data projects.

  • Zend 2 Framework
  • Symfony 2 Framework
  • AngularJS Framework
  • Codeigniter Framework
  • WordPress CMS
  • Magento CMS
  • Drupal CMF
  • Bootstrap Framework

Recent Projets

When we create web applications nothing skips our attention - neither functionality nor visual appearance. Have a look at the recent projects that WebCodin development team has designed for our customers.

Do you like our projects? Find more of them in our portfolio

Our Experience

WebCodin possesses rich experience in a variety of technologies. Our web experts constantly research new fields and approaches, and constantly improve their current skills for the sake of better performance on every crucial development stage.
  • PHP 95%
  • MySQL 95%
  • AJAX 95%
  • jQuery 95%
  • LAMP 90%
  • HTML5 90%
  • CSS3 90%
  • JavaScript 85%
  • Doctrine ORM 70%
  • Node.js 60%
  • WordPress CMS 95%
  • Zend Framework 2 90%
  • Bootstrap 90%
  • UI/UX 90%
  • Drupal CMF 85%
  • WooCommerce 80%
  • Symfony 2 75%
  • CodeIgniter 75%
  • AngularJS 75%
  • Magento CMS 65%
  • REST API 90%
  • XML 85%
  • Google APIs 85%
  • Social Networks 80%
  • WebRTC 80%
  • Elasticsearch 75%
  • Twig 75%
  • Smarty 70%
  • Payment Gateways 60%
  • Amazon S3 55%

Stay In Touch

Should you have fresh ideas or any questions regarding our services feel free to contact us at any time. Furthermore our developers are able to be remote part of your existing team once you need to expand your development pool.