WCP Contact Form

WCP Contact Form is WordPress contact form plugin with dynamic fields, reCAPTCHA and other features that makes it easy to add custom contact form on user’s website in a few clicks and always stay in touch with the visitors.
  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • MySQL
  • AJAX
  • jQuery
  • JSON
  • JavaScript
  • WordPress
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Custom Post Type
  • reCAPTCHA API 2.0
  • OOP
  • LESS

About Project

Custom themes and plugins development for WordPress is one of main expertises of WebCodin team. We’re creative and open-minded people who pay deep attention to the inner ideas that constantly appear during research and brainstorming. From the desire to support WordPress community we’ve developed own Contact Form plugin which is available for free downloading on WordPress plugins store.

WCP Contact Form is WordPress free plugin which allows to add a custom contact form to the website. Site administrator can add contact form to a page by inserting shortcode via TinyMCE toolbar button as well as by adding “WCP Contact Form” widget to the necessary sidebar. WCP Contact Form has lots of useful setting and easily customizable under specific user requirements and needs.

Administrator has the possibility to use preset form fields including Captcha directly after installation or recreate a new form from scratch. Form includes a lot of popular field types such as text field, textarea fields, checkboxes etc. Each field has basic and advanced options allowing to set up each form field for different purposes. Form configuration has simple drag-and-drop interface that allows easily add, change, reorder or delete any of the form fields in few clicks.

To avoid the spam administrator can use 3 types of captcha: simple alphabetic or numeric AJAX-based captcha or the most popular reCaptcha v2.0 solution.

Contact form also includes additional features:

  • 2 types of validation: modern HTML5 validation and simple server validations with editable text of error messages;
  • Several types of redirect after the form submission (no redirect / custom “Thank You” page / custom URL);
  • Separate “Inbox” page with full list of received messages and detailed page for each message;
  • List of the received messages can be exported to CSV format based on selected fields in the form settings. This feature can be used for creation of a user email addresses list for subscribe and exporting it to popular newsletter system like MailChimp;

WCP Contact Form can also be easily adjusted with different styles and colors via plugin settings to fit into overall website design without any specific knowledge of HTML and CSS. AutoResponder feature available allows to get notification about new form submission for users and administrator. Administrator is able to use various parameters to customize the notification text body as well as native features of TinyMCE editor for text formatting.

Also, developers can use various supported hooks, filters and actions as well as templates and styles overlapping for different purposes of form customization.

WebCodin team still works on plugin development taking into account users feedback and strives to provide the best technical support on any issues that appear during the use of the plugin.

Key Features

WCP Contact Form plugin helps to easily set up custom contact form on the WordPress based website and collect useful information, messages and contacts from visitors or customers.

  • Dynamic Fields

    WCP Contact Form plugin has dynamic form fields with various parameters that allows easily add, change, reorder or delete any of the form fields in few clicks.
  • Autoresponder

    Plugin allows to set up an AutoResponder with custom notification letters and get notifications about new form submission for users and administrator.
  • Custom Style

    WCP Contact Form plugin can be easily customized with different styles and the colors to fit into overall website design.
  • Captcha / reCaptcha

    Plugin supports three different types of captcha to avoid the spam: captcha with symbols, captcha with numbers and reCAPTCHA v2.0.

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