Online Expo Hall

Online Expo Hall is unique internet platform for carrying real existing international exhibitions of most diverse trends and industries in online mode. Service gives possibility of online presentations without language barriers.
  • PHP
  • Symfony 2
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • WebRTC
  • Doctrine ORM
  • From scratch
  • Node.js
  • MySQL
  • AJAX
  • jQuery
  • Twig
  • JavaScript
  • Metronic
  • Bootstrap
  • WebSockets

About Project

WebCodin developed a custom back-end and front-end complex solution for Online Expo Hall from scratch. Our cooperation began with the inception of the idea, lasted throughout all the development stages till the embodying the final concept into reality and still continues in the technical maintenance mode.

Online Expo Hall is the innovative development technology through which any exhibition going online offers to its participants new exciting features. Online Expo Hall is an international exhibition portal which provides the ability of instant video business communication with simultaneous translation online. The platform is maximally captures the feel of real exhibition center with the possibility of visiting any exhibition regardless of the location of the venue.

There are 2 options of using the Online Expo Hall business platform interface. First as an independent expo hall for virtual exhibitions and the second as an internet accompaniment of real exhibitions where the number of visitors and participants is unlimited. Platform allows to participate in conferences and presentations as well.

The initial idea of the project was to create a unique innovative solution to connect people all over the world who want to be an exhibitor or visitor of any exhibition they wish and provide fast and easy communication between them.

Main features include video, voice communication, sales possibilities based on WebRTC, online and voice translator integrated, group webinars and presentations, user and company registration. Online Expo Hall project have been developed by WebCodin team from scratch and worked on admin panel and CMS solution development, access distribution system for different users, architecture implementation. The flexible management system of exhibitions and stands and displaying them to the front-end logic were developed. WebRTC voice, video, chat features implementation for communication and sales.

Key Features

Online Expo Hall is a unique platform that brings together participants of various exhibitions and visitors across the world via the Internet.

  • Communication

    Video, voice and chat communication between exhibitors and visitors based on WebRTC with simultaneous translation.
  • Online Presence

    Companies can represent their business on independent virtual exhibitions or as an internet accompaniment of real exhibitions.
  • Group Presentations

    Platform allows its exhibitors and visitors to participate in online conferences and presentations as well group webinars.
  • Sales Opportunities

    Online Expo Hall expands sales horizons to the global market for any business and entirely new experience for all customers.

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