News Portal

News Portal is an independent news portal based on Drupal 8 CMS that provides users with the latest and the most interesting news from different industries.
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • MySQL
  • RWD
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook API
  • Memcached
  • Drupal 8
  • Instagram API
  • LinkedIn API
  • PHP5
  • Twitter API
  • Drupal 9

About Project

The News Portal project was initiated by WebCodin team and designed to provide users with the latest hot news in various spheres of life. Launched in 2016, the News Portal aims to represent our interest in different spheres of human activities and show the importance of technologies use in any of them.

News Portal is an international independent platform of general purpose providing fresh news and grants users with an easy access to them. News Portal covers a range of topics and multiple categories where any visitor can choose exact news feed he wants to see.
The mission of this website is to help provide people with useful information, interesting facts and sealed news they are interested in. The project goal is to hit the clear understanding of global events, achievements and problems so users can share it with others.
News Portal allows users to customize their own news feed by choosing categories they’re interested in. The results of their choice will be stored in cookies. Users can easily get access to the website content without registration.
The project was built from scratch by our team. The implementation process was divided into several sprints. WebCodin provided architecture and core modules development, UI/UX design, HTML/CSS coding, QA & testing, deploying, SRS writing and project management services.

Key Features

News Portal is an independent news platform that is providing fresh news and allows users to view a range of topics and multiple categories where they can customize their own news feeds.

  • Custom Feeds

    Users can easily customize the news feed based on their preferences chosen in the menu. The preferences information is stored in cookies files.
  • Easy Access

    News Portal automatically organizes the news into various categories available on the website for more convenient data surfing and search.
  • Rich Data

    The system is grabbing news from different sources such as social networks, free news websites and multiple APIs.
  • Responsive Interface

    The Front-end of the website is user-friendly and easily adapts to the desktop, tablet and mobile views.

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