Talk 2 Everyone

Talk 2 Everyone (t2e) is a real-time communication platform based on Symfony3 Framework with built-in WebRTC technology that allows users to easily have Voice and Video Calls in browsers.
  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • WebRTC
  • Node.js
  • AJAX
  • jQuery
  • Twig
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • Facebook API
  • SASS
  • Symfony3
  • Doctrine
  • Kurento
  • WebSocket
  • GULP
  • Bower
  • Sonata Admin Bundle

About Project

WebCodin team created the t2e application using multiple modern technologies for voice and video transmitting. Our tech expertise in building online conferencing and live video chatting software allowed us to create a real-time communication service that is instant, easy and reliable

t2e is a simple voice, video and text chatting web application for everybody, for free. Users allowed to talk to anyone they want in just a few clicks: parents, friends, business partners and loved ones. There is no need for registration or downloading any additional software.

t2e allows having video conversations with others in web browser simply by creating a room and having others follow the room link in the web browser’s window. The service will make everyone connected in the same room where users can talk to each other with video, voice and text chat.

The project is built using WebRTC, a new web standard for real-time communication and makes it possible to start a video conversation particularly without installing anything. Website collects various statistics about the number of rooms created, submitted connection ratings by users and average chat duration data that is available from the admin panel. This allows administrators to analyze the traffic and user actions.

At this time only one-to-one (p2p) conversations are available. In the near future, more exciting features such as webinars with a one-to-many connection, group conversations with a many-to-many connection, screen sharing and file sharing will be added.

Key Features

t2e uses WebRTC which is an innovative web technology built into the browsers. It makes possible to start a video conversation without installing anything.

  • Communication

    Video, voice chat and text messaging communication between users based on WebRTC technology is implemented.
  • Fast Сonnect

    Users don’t need to register an account to start chatting. Simply, by creating a room link in a few clicks and following it both users will be connected and the call will start automatically.
  • Social Sharing

    Various link sharing options are implemented. Users allowed to share a room link directly to social networks and instant messengers.
  • Responsive Web Design

    t2e is fully responsive and retina ready project. Based on Bootstrap the website optimized for tablet, mobile and desktop viewing.

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